Haug Communications, Inc. offers high speed Wireless Internet in areas of Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri.

Our service covers areas that DSL and Cable services can’t reach at prices and equipment fees much lower than satellite providers can touch.

No gimmicks. We sell you Internet service. We do not make you order other services along with your Internet to get a lower perceived price while your overall bill creeps up and up. Is $15 a month for Internet really a good deal if you must also pay for $60 worth of other services and fees you do not want or need?


Package Upload Speed Download Speed  Monthly Quota Monthly Price 6 Month Prepay Discounted $5 Monthly
Home User Economy 128Kbps 512Kbps 150GB $35 $180
Home User Lite 192Kbps 768Kbps 150GB $40 $210
Home User Standard 256Kbps 1500Kbps 150GB $45 $240
Home User Pro 256Kbps 2000Kbps 150GB $50 $270
Home User Ext 512Kbps 3000Kbps 150GB $55 $300
Business 768Kbps 3000Kbps 200GB $65 $360
Business Pro 1000Kbps 4000Kbps 200GB $70 $390
Business Ext 1500Kbps 5000Kbps 250GB $100 $570

Standard installation is $100 with a one year term.

  • Prepay pricing includes a $5 monthly discount for 6 month prepay.
  • Business accounts include static IP
  • Currently standard installation is on special for $100 with a one year term.
  • All packages not available in all areas.  Certain limitations apply.
  • Non-Line-Of-Sight users may not always maintain maximum speeds above the standard package.
  • Provisioning and account changes may take up to 30 days.
  • Speeds listed are maximum and may vary with network conditions.
  • On home accounts we only provide tech support for Internet connectivity on one PC.
  • Accounts that go over the bandwidth monthly quota amount will be charged at a rate of $15.00 per 50 GigaBytes.  Check Your Bandwidth Consumption.

Contact us for a free site survey

Kansas 785-336-3579 or 800-325-8646
Missouri 816-279-6535 or 800-736-6535
Nebraska 785-336-3579 or 800-325-8646