Welcome to BBWI.net
BBWI.net was created in February 2001 to provide affordable broadband wireless Internet access to areas surrounding Seneca, Kansas. Applying our over 30 years of experience in RF communications we have quickly expanded to portions of Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska. Haug Communications Inc. currently has locations in Seneca KS and St Joseph MO.
What we offer
  A high speed wireless Internet connection that does not require a phone line.
  An always on connection.
   New: Testing IPv6 access.  Contact us for more info.
How it works
  A wireless modem is mounted to your rooftop and aimed at one of our towers.
  A small wire is run from the wireless modem to your PC.
  Your PC logs onto our network with a PPPoE username and password.
Contact us for a free site survey
Kansas 785-336-3579 or 800-325-8646
Missouri 816-279-6535 or 800-736-6535

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