We now have over 27 sites carrying wireless internet service scattered throughout Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri. If you are within 2 to 4 miles of one of our sites our service will most likely work for you. If you are up to 12 miles we may still be able to reach you with service provided we can establish line of sight between your rooftop and our tower site. A free site survey will be required to determine if BroadBand Wireless Internet service will work for you.
Current Sites
Kansas Marysville, Beattie, Baileyville, Seneca, Corning, Havensville, Berwick, Sabetha, Powhattan, Hiawatha, Purcell, Cummings, Atchison, Easton, Morril, St Benedict
Missouri Fillmore, Savannah, St. Joseph, Cosby, Rosendale, Helena, Amazonia, Dekalb, Rushville
Nebraska Burchard, DuBois, Johnson, Humboldt (and surrounding areas)
Please contact us for further info. Below map offers approximate coverage. Please contact us for a free site survey. GPS coordinates of your address are very helpful.