Question: Can I get the service at my house?

Answer: Please call or email us for a free site survey so we may determine that. We will need directions to your home as well. If you have GPS coordinates as well that really makes this part easier.

Question: Is a phone line required?

Answer: Absolutely not. Actually many of our customers cancel their landline phone service to save money since they already have a cellphone. The signal is transmitted entirely wirelessly.

Question: Does weather affect the service?

Answer: The signal only needs to travel a few miles at most from your home to our tower unlike thousands of miles satellite signals must travel. This results in the weather having little or no effect on the signal. When we do the site survey we will also determine if there is sufficient fade margin for the link to operate reliably.

Question: Does wireless have latency issues like satellite does?

Answer: No. Again the signal only needs to go a few miles to the nearest tower vs. satellite having to travel thousands of miles.

Question: May I connect more than one PC to the service?

Answer: We only support connecting one PC on home user accounts. The connection uses PPPoE for authentication. If you wish to connect more than one PC a router will be required to split the connection up. A router can be purchased at many retailers for typically around 60 dollars. If you have multiple PC’s we can only provide technical support for Internet connectivity. We cannot support your entire network of PC’s or connect them all for the basic install price. Although we will do what we can within reason.

Question: Does the service include a static IP?

Answer: Business accounts include a static IP with some limitations. Home accounts include a public IP but it is not static. You may look into a service such as Dynu.com to do dynamic DNS. Some inexpensive routers have it built in.

Question: Do I have to buy any equipment?

Answer: Your PC must have a network card. You may need to purchase a router if you wish to connect multiple computers to the Internet.

Question: Can I use a wireless router with the service?

Answer: Yes. We cannot provide support for your wireless network although there should be no problems. We do REQUIRE if you setup a wireless network that it IS secured with WPA or other security measures.