General Support

You can contact our support departments at or in Kansas 785-336-3579 and in Missouri at 816-279-6535.

 I cannot connect.

a:   Please check that the wireless modem is plugged in. Usually this is a wall transformer with Motorola written on it. It will have a power cable that connects to a network cable that goes out to the wireless modem. Also be sure the other end is plugged into the back of your PC or router.

b:  Ensure the Ethernet interface on your PC has not been disabled. This is a very common thing on WinXP PC’s.

c:  Routers sometimes overwork themselves and require a regular restart. Power cycle your router by unplugging its power cable from the power outlet, wait a full minute before plugging it back in.

 I cannot get my email.

a:  Please make sure you are entering your email address and password in lowercase. Be sure you use your complete email address for your username.

b:  Many times a virus scanner will disrupt email service. You may need to disable your virus scanner or uninstall it temporarilly to see if that fixes it.

c:  Try using our webmail client. If it works with webmail it indicates there is an issue with your PC.

d:  Our incoming POP3 and outgoing SMTP servers are both and your username is your COMPLETE email address.

  My connection is not running as fast as I think it should.

a:  Check your connection speed here. WiFi degrades connection speeds. Run a speed test on WiFi and run another from a computer that’s hardwired to compare results.

b:  You may want to check your bandwidth stats as well.

c:  You may also want to shut down or disable any other applications you have running. Peer to peer applications are notorious for eating up bandwidth.-Check out our Slow Internet Connection page for more help.

d:  Are you using a cordless phone in your house? Unplug them and see if the problem goes away. Some cordless phones are very noisy and known to interfer with wireless Internet.

  My computer is running very slow.

a:  Please insure you have an up to date antivirus program installed. If not, one is available at Make sure you ONLY have one antivirus application installed. Installing more than one will cause major issues.

b:  Further online scanners may be found on our links page.

   I have a strict NAT issue with my gaming console.

a:  To fix strict NAT issues with gaming consoles, PPPoE/NAT must be removed from the modem and put in your personal router. uPnP should also be enabled in your router but is usually on by default. No port forwards are required in your router as uPnP does that automatically.

   Netflix is eating up my bandwidth. 

a:  To control how much data Netflix uses, go to: Your Account page > Your Profile > Playback Settings.

  •  Usage per stream according to Netflix extimates:
      • Low= 0.3 GB/hour
      • Medium= (Standard Definition) 0.7 GB/hour
      • High= (Best Quality) 3 GB/hour for HD & 7 GB/hour for Ultra HD
    • Auto= Adjusts based on current connection speed.