Transferring Email contacts (outlook express)

Transferring Email Contacts from Outlook Express:

  • When you are in Outlook Express, start out by opening the tools tab in the toolbar at the top.
  • Select the Address Book  from the dropdown menu and a seperate window will appear with all of your email contacts listed.
  • You will then select File at the top of the page in the toolbar, a dropdown menu will appear and then select Export.
  • It will then ask you what you want to Export, you will select the Address Book option.  A new window will appear asking where you want to save.  The simplest option would be to save to your desktop naming the file Address Book.
  • Once you have saved the file to your desktop go into outlook express and open a new email draft.  Send an email to your own email address, attach to the email the file you saved as Address Book on your desktop.  Once you receive the email on your new computer you can then save those contacts to the new email application.